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The brand new Infinity USB Smart is low on cost yet rich in features.
Based on a driverless USB connection, it creates a virtual COMport on the PC, or a Linux based host like a DreamBox/STB, enabling a generic Smartmouse / Phoenix interface, with support for all common clockrates.



Complete install (v1.16)
Infinity Preboot Authentication (v1.13)
Linux driver-package (v1.00)
Infinity PasswordSafe (v1.45)
Users manual (english)
PH/SM testsoftware

User's guide (web)
 Infinity Preboot Authentication
 Infinity PasswordSafe

How to
 Install a module
 Use the Smart VCP (Linux)
 Use the VCP mode (Windows)
 Optimize performance (SmartVCP)
 Use the commandline interface
 Identify serialnumbers

Frequently Asked Questions

User forum

New module based smartcard reader
The Infinity USB Smart is a new module based smartcard reader, with a new approach for ensuring a very high level of compatibility and functionality.

The core functionality is a phoenix/smartmouse interface, compatible with all Windows, Linux-based systems or embedded Linux-based systems like DreamBox, Set-top boxes (STB) or other industrial controllers.

This is just one of the features of the Infinity USB Smart. The module-based approach makes it possible to install new modules or any other smartcard related functionality, even for standalone operation!

The innovative dome-shaped design with upright card insertion, makes one-hand operation possible while keeping a small footprint on the desk.

Smartreader+ compatible
Thanks to the module feature of the Infinity USB Smart, it now supports the Smartreader+ mode. The Smartreader+ mode will allow you to use the InfSmartreader module with 3rd party software that supports the Smartreader+ parameter. This parameter allows for the 3rd party software to automatically switch settings on the reader for optimum performance for the specific card used.

In order to make the Infinity USB Smart 'Smartreader+'-compatible all you have to do is install the InfSmartreader module, which is freely available with the latest setup software for the Infinity USB Smart.

Driverless USB
Infinity USB Smart is connected to a PC using a single USB 2.0 connection (backwards compatible with USB 1.1). Since Infinity USB Smart is based on the HID standard, no custom drivers are needed, and installation is as easy as inserting the USB connector.

Up to 127 units can be installed on one single host (a PC or embedded system), and if needed a USB hub can be used to extend the number of USB connections on the host.

Phoenix/Smartmouse (VCP)
The core functionality of Infinity USB Smart is to provide Phoenix/Smartmouse compatibility through a virtual COMport (VCP). The VCP has been very thoroughly tested with most popular applications and cards. Setting up the VCP is done through the accompanying software, and all popular frequencies (3.58, 3.68 and 6.00MHz) and a boost mode can be selected.

The user-interface has been translated into the following languages:
English Danish German French Italian Dutch

Linux support
VCP modules are available and ready for the Linux operating system, making it possible to use the Infinity USB Smart on both Linux-based PCs, or with embedded systems. Industrial controllers, Set-top Boxes (STB) like DreamBox or any other Linux embedded system with USB host controller can be used.

Module based
Infinity USB Smart is module based, with separate firmware based modules. This means that the new firmware modules can be installed and downloaded to the hardware when new functionality is needed.
Currently modules for use with Linux embedded systems are ready for download, and more will be available later, and on user demand.
Installing a module is easy with the Infinity USB Smart software, simply choose a module and press a single button. The modules are complete selfcontained "building blocks", working completely independent from the main-module (VCP).
Choosing between the main-module and user installed modules are done with a small switch on the bottom of the Infinity USB Smart hardware.

Innovative design
The dome shaped design, with an injection-moulded casing in matte white ABS, will look good on any desk. The smartcard is inserted from the top, making one-hand operation easy, and leaving just a small footprint on the desk.
A dual-colour red/green LED indicates the different states of the programmer.

Additional software
[Infinity PasswordSafe / WinLogon]
PasswordSafe is used for safe and secure password storage and distribution, on standard PIC or AVR based cards. Up to more than 1000 passwords can be stored on a single smartcard, and passwords are easily accessed with a custom shortcut key. PasswordSafe WinLogon can be used for enhancing the Windows logon security, by storing the Windows logon password on a PasswordSafe card.

Package contains
Your Infinity USB Smart will be delivered in a box containing:

Infinity USB Smart programmer
Fixed transparent USB 2.0 cable (1.8m)
Flyer with web-link for software download

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