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User's guide (web) - Infinity Preboot Authentication
Many systems, or servers require a password to be entered before the host operating system can be started. This typically requires entering a password manually from a keyboard at the station.

The Infinity USB Smart preboot keyboard package solves this problem with a new module which emulates a USB keyboard combined with a smartcard reader.

Getting started
All you need to get started is an Infinity USB Smart and an ATmega8515 + 24C64 smart card.

The InfSmartPreboot tool (For Windows), makes it easy to setup a new card for logging into an existing system. All you need to enter is the system password, and the card will be initialized with an encrypted version of the password.

Download Infinity Preboot Authentication from www.infinityusb.com/download and unzip the file.

The InfSmartPreboot tool will automatically format the smartcard with the WBLoader AES (256bit AES encryption loader). The loader will encrypt the given password with a random (or pre-defined) AES encryption key, and store it in the internal Eeprom of the smartcard.
The AES encryption key is stored in the Infinity USB Smart, so it will be able to read the decrypted password after a reboot. This way the specific smart card and the specific Infinity USB Smart are locked together when creating the card, so it will not be possible to retrieve the password from the card without using the specific Infinity USB Smart.

Supported systems
This package solves the problem of automatic boot login for the following:
  • Drivecrypt pre-boot authentication

  • Truecrypt pre-boot authentication

  • BIOS pre-boot authentication

  • Any operating system login screen (if requiring only a password for login)

  • Other systems requiring a password to be manually entered after a reboot
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