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How to - Install a module
Installing firmware modules on Infinity USB Smart

The Infinity USB Smart has the possibility of having 2 firmware modules installed at the same time. The module currently in use is selected with the switch on the bottom of the Infinity USB Smart hardware.
Module 1 (primary) is called "NORMAL" while module 2 (secondary) is called "MODULE".

The "NORMAL" module contains the Infinity USB Smart VCP and a firmware upgrade function for upgrading module 2 ("MODULE").
The "NORMAL" module cannot be overwritten or deleted, and the switch must always be in the "NORMAL" when a new module 2 ("MODULE") is downloaded. Afterwards, the switch can be set in the "MODULE" mode, and the new module 2 ("MODULE") will run completely independent of the "NORMAL" module 1.

Modules can contain any functionality related to smartcards. Since there's a number of different uses for smartcards, both windows enabled and for embedded systems, different readers may be needed for different applications, and with the Infinity USB Smart a new module can be downloaded for new functionality.

To install a module:

  1. Set the switch on the bottom of the Infinity USB Smart hardware to the "NORMAL" position.

  2. Connect the Infinity USB Smart to a Windows PC.

  3. Default drivers for Infinity USB Smart will install automatically if needed.

  4. Install the Infinity USB Smart software, and run the software when done.

  5. From the menu select "Tools->Install module".

  6. Select the desired module "Smart VCP" for either 3.58MHz, 6.00MHz and Phoenix or Smartmouse mode

  7. Press "Update".

  8. A few seconds later the module will be installed.

  9. Close the software and disconnect the Infinity USB Smart from the PC.

  10. Set the switch on the bottom of the device to "MODULE".
The device is now ready to run as the specific device as requested.

As long as the switch is set to "module" the device will not function with the Infinity USB Smart software.

To use the Infinity USB Smart software or to install / configure another module set the switch to "normal" as noted in step 1.
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