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 Guide for upgrading Infinity 1.3 with Cardmaster firmware

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Hardware upgrade - Guide for upgrading Infinity 1.3 with Cardmaster firmware
Cardmaster upgradeguide for Infinity

(Please notice: We'll no longer be able to deliver the cardmaster upgrade kit as of 1st of March 2003, this guide is therefore meant for customers who already have a kit).

This guide describes, step by step, how to upgrade an Infinity 1.3 programmer with the latest Cardmaster firmware (with support for both Silvercards, Funcards etc).

You'll need a the Cardmaster Upgrade Kit (contact us for availibility) a soldering iron, some tinsolder and a small flat screwdriver.

Step 1
Solder a 47 kOhm resistor (supplied in the upgrade kit) between the two points shown on the photo. Use either a leaded resistor,

or an SMD resistor, and make sure there's no shortcircuits between the 2 points.

Step 2
Remove the old firmwarechip with the screwdriver.

Step 3
Insert the new Cardmaster firmware chip, and make sure it's well seated in the socket. Notice the small marking on the chip, and make sure it's aligned correct.

Step 4
Everything is done, and you're ready to use the Cardmaster software which can be downloaded from the download page.
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