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How to - Use the commandline interface
A commandline interface was implemented in the software for Infinity USB / Infinity USB Phoenix starting from version 1.40.

The interface will be extended as demands grow, and in the current version the following switches are available:

-hiddenExecutes commands while Infinity USB is not displayed, must be used with -write switch
-card:cardnameSelects card. For instance goldcard or "DragonLoaderCard (PIC)" (use quotation marks if the cardname contains spaces.)
-flash:filenameSelects file to load for 1st file (flash on AVR-based - PIC on Microchip based cards)
-int:filenameSelects file to load for 2nd file (int. eeprom on AVR-based - ext. eeprom on Microchip based cards)
-ext:filenameSelects file to load for 3rd file (ext. eeprom on AVR-based - doesn't exist on Microchip based cards)
-writeWrites the selected files to the selected card
-readReads the selected files from the selected card
-restoreRestores the flash-memory on the card if external EEprom is accessed.

The following commands only works with Infinity USB Phoenix:
-phoenixEnables phoenix mode, must be used with the -frq and -polarity commands
-frq:frequency(3.58 | 3.68 | 6.00) Chooses frequency, must be used with the -phoenix and -polarity commands
-polarity:resetpolarity(phoenix | smartmouse) Chooses resetpolarity, must be used with the -phoenix and -frq commands
-disablephoenixDisables Phoenix mode, ignores all other commands

An example that writes the PIC and external EEPROM on a GoldCard, in hidden mode:

"c:\program files\infinity usb\infusb.exe" -card:GoldCard -flash:c:\goldcpu.hex -int:c:\goldeee.hex -hidden -write

Preloads flash-memory for a FunCard:

"c:\program files\infinity usb\infusb.exe" -card:FunCard -flash:c:\funflash.hex

Enables the Phoenix-mode on Infinity USB Phoenix for use with a SIM-editing tool (for instance Phonefile):

"c:\program files\infinity usb\infusb.exe" -phoenix -frq:3.58 -polarity:smartmouse

Error codes
The application returns the following error codes upon error:

2: Verification failed when writing card!

3: No card inserted or card was removed during programming.

4: Syntax error.

5: No hardware connected.

6: Restore not possible.

7: Error reading card.

10: Error selecting card using the -card switch.

11: Error loading flash file using the -flash switch.

12: Error loading int. eeprom file using the -int switch.

13: Error loading ext. eeprom file using the -ext switch.

The commandline interface can also be used with scripting, making advanced solutions possible. A few are presented here for demonstration purposes only.

The scripts are written in VBScript/WSH, but most scripting languages/parsers can be used. Save the script locally and change the extension from [.txt] to [.vbs].
Due to the use of the filesystemobject, viruskillers may give a warning (or block access), but the script is harmless, and should just be authorized in the viruskiller.

Keycard generator
(click to view)
Generates a random keyfile in c:\goldkey.hex, and writes the file to a GoldCard.
This script only demonstrates the possibilities of the commandline-paramters, and the written card cannot be used in existing keycard-systems.
The script however demonstrates how a real-world keycard application can be implemented, using the Infinity USB (phoenix) as the keygenerator.
Remote card-update script(click to view)Downloads a keyfile from a website. Enables very easy update of keycard applications, the user simply has to insert the card, and execute the script-file.
This can be particular important in applications where keys are often changed.

In this example the external EEprom of a GoldCard is updated, but extending the script to update both PIC and ext. EEprom (or any other card) should be straightforward.
Semi-automatic updates can be implemented by scheduling the script (run it on a daily basis), and if a new key is found on the website, the user is prompted to insert a keycard for updating.
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